Mount Everest Trekking

Mt Everest Trekking Trails

Mt Everest trekking is known as the best trekking destinations to the Himalayas part of Nepal. More than 1300 peaks above 6000m altitude are located in Nepal. Mt Everest trekking which is the topmost peak ranges at an altitude of 8848m is situated in the khumbu part of Nepal.
Trekking Everest trail is best known as the trekking destinations. Khumbu part of Nepal widely famous for the trekking to the Himalayas. The trekking to the Everest starts from the lukla village. Trekking Everest is the walking trial to the Himalayas of Nepal. The trekkers can enjoy the many panorama of many peaks including the mount Everest on the trial.

The trekking Everest trails starts from Lukla valley. After the air flight from Kathmandu to Lukla the trekkers can enjoy their adventurous gateway to the Himalayas. The local of khumbu part of Nepal is mostly Sherpas people. Sherpas are also known as the best mountaineers and mountain guides. While trekking Everest mainly Sherpas will be the guide of the trekkers.

Mt Everest trekking is based on two types of trek. Lodging trek and camping is done while trekking in Nepal. Trekking Everest is done mostly teahouse trek or lodging trek. While trekking to the Himalayas there will be the local villages and the lodge for the accommodation is provided by the local peoples. It will be enjoy while staying at the local people’s houses serving their local foods and drinks. Mt Everest trekking is the most adventurous journey to the Himalayas in Nepal.